Journalists wishing to attend (virtual) press events of informal council meetings in Germany require accreditation. To obtain this, digital data must be entered once for the duration of the German Presidency of the EU Council. This will form the basis of separate registrations for individual events during the Council Presidency.

Journalists wishing to take part in an event must register online at before the deadline set by the organising ministry. Relevant deadlines and information can be found on the portal under “Anlässe verwalten” (manage events) for the relevant events. If events are not listed, please contact the event-organising federal ministry directly. You will find all press contacts at:

Notes on the registration process:

  1. Please enter your username and password. If you do not yet have an accreditation profile, you must register for a new account and then log in with the username you receive and your password.
  2. Please check your data under “Mein Profil verwalten” (manage my profile) or, if you are registering for a new account, please enter and save your data here.
  3. Switch to the event list under “Anlässe verwalten” (manage events), select the relevant event and register by clicking the button “Anmelden” (register).
  4. After you have ticked/selected the information on accreditation, on data sharing and on the review of security-related circumstances, please confirm by clicking the button “Daten speichern und akkreditieren” (save and accredit data).
  5. Once you have filled everything in, registration in process will be displayed under “Status/An-melden” (status/registration) in the event list. If your request for accreditation is successful, you will receive confirmation of your accreditation by e-mail. From this point on, you will receive further information on the event from the organising ministry. Please bring along your confirmation e-mail and your press confirmation to pick up your accreditation pass at attendance events.
  6. Up-to-date information on the event is available at all times under “Anlässe verwalten” (manage events) in your profile at
  7. You can delete your profile at any time after your accreditation expires.

Press conferences without separate registrations

Separate accreditation is not required if a virtual press event is held without separate access arrangements for journalists. In this case, information on these press events is not saved in the above-mentioned accreditation portal. You will find this information saved directly in the relevant events in the calendar.

Issuing of passes at attendance events open to the press

In the case of an attendance event that is open to the press, accreditation passes will only be issued on presentation of a valid passport or personal ID in conjunction with the original press confirmation.