The EU itself has 24 official languages. Multilingualism can, however, create language barriers that make simple and direct communication between people, companies and public institutions across borders and languages more difficult. Especially during the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, there is an increased need for rapid translation into various EU languages. The EU Council Presidency Translator therefore offers a fast and simple solution to help tackle various linguistic challenges encountered in connection with the German Presidency. Please note that, as a machine translation service, its output cannot be compared to translations prepared by professional translators. Accessing and using the EU Council Presidency Translator is simple and free of charge.

The EU Council Presidency Translator was developed with the help of cutting-edge German and European technology and artificial intelligence systems. The joint project of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and Tilde was made possible by financial support from the Federal Foreign Office. The translation platform was developed by Tilde. It uses the systems of DeepL, DFKI, eTranslation and Tilde. eTranslation is the machine translation service of the European Commission.

All input data are transmitted securely and cannot be viewed by the service providers or third parties. The data are processed on servers in Europe, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

You use the service via the website, where you select your desired target language and can then view a machine-translated version of the page you have opened. On the EU Council Presidency Translator website, you first select your source and target language and can indicate which of the service providers you would like to use for translations into your desired language. You then copy and paste your source text into the respective window.

Text files can also be uploaded, or dragged into the window with a mouse. The translated document can then be downloaded, with the original formatting intact. More information is available on our website’s FAQ page.