Liberalitas bavariae

If you ask a tourist from abroad, what comes to mind when he thinks of Bavaria, his answer will likely revolve around Lederhosen and Oktoberfest, FC Bayern and Neuschwanstein Castle. But there is a lot more to “typically Bavarian” than meets the eye.

Tradition and Modernity

With a nearly 1500-year history, Bavaria is one of the oldest states, or “Länder,” in Europe. The people here know where they have come from and where they are going. The combination of tradition and progress is the actual secret to Bavaria’s success. With this self-certainty, Bavaria has gone from an agricultural state to an innovation leader in the last 70 years.

The Free State of Bavaria today stands for a secure lifestyle and has the best economic indicators. Globally active companies such as Adidas, BMW and Siemens, strong medium-sized companies, up-and-coming start-ups and excellent universities prove that Bavaria is well positioned and can therefore offer a lot to its citizens. With its high-tech agenda, the country is heading into the future of artificial intelligence and supercomputing. But that’s not all.

Home and a matter of the heart

Bavaria is both hometown and a matter of the heart. From the Alps all the way to Main, from the Bavarian Forest National Park to the Romantic Road: Bavarians live where other people go on holiday. “The preservation of our culture and our creation” is a constitutional obligation in Bavaria. In 1970, the Free State of Bavaria established the world’s first Ministry of the Environment and today is leading the way in species and climate protection.

Bavarians love their state and they stick together. Every second of the the 13 milion inhabitants is engaged in voluntary work. Old Bavarians, Franconians, Swabians and Sudeten Germans have made Bavaria a lovable home and an economic powerhouse. Even in times of Corona, this has not changed. Bavarian solidarity and the people’s sense of responsibility towards one another have carried the state through these difficult times.

Bavaria – an attitude towards life

This is why Bavaria is a centre of attraction for many. The population has grown by 2.2 million since 1987 and international heavyweights such as IBM, Microsoft and Apple have set up their German headquarters here.

Bavaria is changing, but the special white-blue attitude towards life remains - Live and let live. This joy in diversity is at the heart of the proverbial “liberalitas bavariae”. It is precisely for this reason that Bavaria, for decades, has been promoting the idea of a united Europe with strong regions.

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