Inventive minds in the South

From the land of gifted inventors, many groundbreaking ideas have emerged: Like several other things, the automobile, the bicycle, the chain saw and even matchsticks were invented here, and there is no end to this list: More than 15,000 patent applications were received from Baden‑Württemberg last year alone.

It is therefore not surprising that many global players such as Daimler, Bosch and SAP have their headquarters and origin in Baden‑Württemberg. They complement each other splendidly with the countless “hidden champions”, medium‑sized companies that are world market leaders in niche market segments. With more than 300 such companies, Baden‑Württemberg is the forerunner in Germany.

Smart state

Where does it get all of this from? The people of the state are known for economising, but they don’t shy away from investing in the right places – in the future. Outstanding research strength arises from good education. It is this research strength which makes the state one of the world’s innovation leaders.

By the way, the possibilities of broadening your horizon exist all across Baden‑Württemberg. There is a wide range of subjects to choose from in inviting university cities: Be it Heidelberg or Tübingen, Mannheim or Freiburg, Konstanz or Karlsruhe, Stuttgart or Ulm. Baden‑Württemberg is home to four of the eleven Excellence Universities in Germany. What’s more, it offers excellent conditions for innovative start‑ups; the start‑up scene is young, versatile and lively.

An enjoyable life

Of course, the people of Baden‑Württemberg also like to relax once in a while, but do not like to rest on their laurels. Baden‑Württemberg is well‑acquainted with work‑life balance – it is no wonder that people here have the highest life expectancy in Germany. The numerous culinary delicacies such as Maultaschen (Swabian ravioli), Black Forest cake and delicious wine probably contribute to this just as much as Germany’s most sunshine hours.

Boredom? Unheard of!

Baden‑Württemberg is characterised by art and culture, and diversity is its trademark. The people have a rich cultural landscape at their disposal, such as the Staatsoper Stuttgart (Stuttgart State Opera), the State Gallery, numerous museums, various concerts or festivals. The many proud castles and palaces bear witness to a multifaceted past.

There is no time for the people of Baden‑Württemberg to get bored: Be it cycling in Upper Swabia, skiing at Feldberg, kitesurfing or sailing on Lake Constance, hiking in the Black Forest, climbing in the Swabian Alb region, there is definitely something for everyone here. And if you feel like going on a holiday abroad sometime, France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland are not very far either.

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