More people have been thinking about sustainability in recent years.
In 2015, 195 countries made an important promise.
They promised to protect the climate together.
They wanted to stop the planet getting warmer and warmer.
That would be very bad.
Germany has already done a lot here.
For example, there are new laws on renewable energies and climate protection.

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel said the following in Berlin on 4 June 2019:
Sustainability will play a vital role during Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
This means:
Germany thinks that sustainability is important for planning and carrying out all events.
Germany is taking its lead from past presidencies in organising events.
Austria and Finland showed the way here in 2018 and 2019.

The Federal Government wants to do the same at the around 500 events it is hosting.
This includes, for example:

  • Not having gifts for guests from other countries.
  • Using regional and fair trade food, plant‑based products and tap water.
  • Minimising waste.
  • Venues and hotels working in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.
  • Those assisting guests in Germany receiving sustainable bags.

Germany wants to take responsibility for the climate.
Sometimes people have to fly, for example.
That is bad for our environment.
Because too much CO2 is released into the air.
We must offset damage to the environment like this.
We will support projects to protect the climate.
Damaging the environment is sometimes unavoidable.
But we must work hard to protect it elsewhere.

The Federal Environment Agency has taken a close look at all events on behalf of the Federal Government:

  • How damaging are they to the climate?
  • How can we support climate protection projects to offset this?

The standards are particularly high here.
To protect the climate particularly well.
All activities will be looked at very carefully at the end of the EU Council Presidency.
The Federal Government wants to act in a climate‑friendly way at all times.
There will be no support from the private sector during Germany’s Council Presidency.
Germany wants the Council Presidency to be fully Independent.