During the exchange, current issues of European energy policy were discussed, including the following agenda items:

  • Presentation by the European Commission of the recently published analysis of the National Energy and Climate Plans of the EU Member States and the impact assessment of the increase of the EU climate target for 2030 by Commissioner Simson.
  • Exchange on European instruments and ways to achieve the EU's energy and climate targets for 2030.

German Economic Affairs Minister Peter Altmaier said:

The Green Deal of the European Commission offers a unique opportunity to promote and to reconcile both climate action and economic development. The energy sector, which is instrumental in achieving both the energy and climate targets for 2030 and the long-term target for 2050, has a pivotal role to play in this endeavour. The assessment of National Energy and Climate Plans by the European Commission shows that we need to keep increasing our joint efforts – both with regard to energy efficiency and in terms of expanding renewable energy. We will therefore discuss today which European policy instruments we should strengthen or make better use of. It is also important to ensure a reliable supply of energy and to keep fostering the competitiveness of European

Doorstep by Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, ahead of the video conference of EU Energy Ministers