Discussion event: Cross-border cooperation as a motor for multilingual communication?

Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg have engaged in decades of intensive cooperation on political, economic and cultural levels.
Luxembourgish, German, French and Dutch are all spoken in the Benelux area, so multilingualism has always played a special role here. Does this multilingualism help simplify life with one's neighbours and make exchange more intensive? What challenges and specific opportunities go hand in hand with multilingualism and how can it be preserved and even made stronger? And is Benelux really a pioneer for other border regions in the EU?

The participants in this online event include Martin Kotthaus, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Kingdom of Belgium, and Jean Graff, the Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to Germany.

The event will be held online on 22 October from 13.30 to 14.30.

Organiser: Other

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Margit Pfaender