Due to the recent developments in the COVID-19 pandemic, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Andreas Scheuer, has decided not to hold the Informal Meeting of EU Transport Ministers under the auspices of the German EU Council Presidency in Passau and Bad Griesbach at the end of October, as originally planned. Instead, a virtual conference on “Harnessing the digital revolution to make the mobility of the future sustainable, safe, secure and efficient” will be organised from Berlin on 29 October 2020. With the “Passau Declaration”, the EU Transport Ministers intend to shape the future of Europe’s mobility in order to unlock the potential inherent in the digital transformation as well as Artificial Intelligence for all EU citizens and to establish Europe as a leader in the field of digital mobility. The University of Passau and other university partners will be virtually involved as well, and in a Showcase of the Regions, a visit to the exhibition entitled “Opportunities presented by the Digital Revolution” will be made possible. In doing so and by showing different short films, Minister Scheuer would like to show his colleagues his home region.

Organiser: Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

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