With the project Europe's Kitchen the kitchen becomes a platform for cultural and Europe-wide dialogue across borders. Between August and December 2020, physical and virtual encounters in private, public or metaphorical kitchens will take place in eleven countries. European artists will be invited to organise an event in a city other than their home town.

Mischa Leinkauf will create a public meeting place in Chania after times of isolation. Together with students of the Technical University of Chania he will build a large table from found materials, such as driftwood, which will be placed at the city's harbour. Various events and cooperations with local artists and food producers will take place around the table over the course of three days.

The contributions to Europe's Kitchen will be accompanied by a series of short films and bloggers, found on the link below.

Organiser: Other

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Event location

Mosque Küçük Hasan, Sourmelis 18, Chania 731 32, Greece


Eva-Maria Kleinschwärzer

Projektreferentin, Goethe-Institut