The Europe`s Kitchen project makes the kitchen a platform for cultural and Europe-wide dialogue across borders. Between August and December 2020, physical and virtual encounters in private, public or metaphorical kitchens will take place in eleven countries: European artists will be invited to organise an event in a city other than their home town.

Priya Basil will explore European topics through ingredients, inviting people in Poland and Polish communities in Europe to tell their European stories through spices and taste. What does Europe taste like to them? And what flavour would they like to add? In Wrocław the answers will be transformed into recipes and cooked with the collective Food Think Tank, and texts and ceramic and glass artworks will be created based on the submissions.

The contributions of Europe's Kitchen will be accompanied by a series of short films and bloggers, to be found at: Website Europe's Kitchen

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Eva-Maria Kleinschwärzer

Projektreferentin, Goethe-Institut