Carsten Sander wants to explore the identity of a heterogeneous community consisting of over 447 million inhabitants in 27 European countries with his “Faces of Europe” project. On his journey through the EU, Sander photographs 1,000 faces. With this project, he is sending a signal of support for integration and humanity – a statement of support for human rights, common values and peaceful coexistence. The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly had an enormous impact on all our lives and plans. This project is no exception. A thousand faces of the EU were to be photographed, 27 countries visited – but, the moment the mobile studio was ready to go, the lockdown began in most EU member states. This is why the exhibition you see here is only a sneak peek of a work still in progress. The first photos of this exhibition are of citizens from EU member states who are living in Berlin. It was not until mid-June that Sander was able to start his tour.

Organiser: Federal Foreign Office (with missions abroad)

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Event location

Syntagma Square, Centre of Athens