On 30 November, the International Youth Orchestra Academy (IJOA) will play background music to the Presidency of the Council of the EU at the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic. Conducted by Lothar Zagrosek, the former head of the Konzerthausorchester Berlin and the Staatsoper Stuttgart, young musicians up to the age of 28 will play music together. And what better musical accompaniment to the Council Presidency than Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony? The score for Schiller’s “Ode to Joy” was the official hymn of the European Community – now the European Union – since 1985. The score stands for the values of Europe: freedom, peace, and solidarity. It is in times like these that we need community and solidarity with each other more than ever; only together can the states of Europe emerge stronger from the crisis. Germany is advocating for this during its Council Presidency.

Organiser: Federal Foreign Office (with missions abroad)

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Event location

Philharmonic Hall, Yekaterinburg