Whether it’s a quote from Hannah Arendt, a lyric from a Beatles tune or a statement by the Hungarian Nobel Prize winner Imre Kertész, in local competitions, the Goethe-Institut asked people in ten European countries for their favourite quote from European high and pop culture.

The quotes submitted reflect the linguistic and intellectual diversity of Europe and are now being engraved in the original language and in a translated version on 6,000 wooden blocks. They will be made visible as an installation called “Disappearing Walls”. From August 2020, these installations will be set up in central public locations in participating countries. But the diverse ideas of Europe are not only visible in this project. They are also tangible – and lasting. After the unveiling, all passers-by will have the opportunity to take blocks with quotes home with them. All that remains is the clear Plexiglas grid: The wall will disappear.

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Długi Targ Gdańsk Poland


Konrad Szpindler

Goethe-Institut Polen