With the project “Europe's Kitchen”, the kitchen becomes a platform for cultural and Europe-wide dialogue across borders.

Between August and December 2020, physical and virtual encounters in private, public or metaphorical kitchens will take place in eleven countries: European artists will be invited to organise an event in a city other than their home town.

For her contribution to “Europe's Kitchen” in Copenhagen, Portuguese writer Patrícia Portela will exchange letters with 15 guests. This way, the participants will get to know Patrícia Portela and will receive small tasks, objects and short stories.

On 15 August, all participants will meet for the first time and have dinner in a private kitchen. Here, short stories will be told together and woven into one larger, comprehensive story. The contributions of “Europe's Kitchen” will be accompanied by a series of short films and blogs.

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Eva-Maria Kleinschwärzer

Goethe-Institut Projektleitung “Europaküche”