On September 18 2020, the Ministry for Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg (MLR) will organize a consumer research forum on “Algorithms and Consumers: Focus on Legal Tech” in cooperation with the Center for Consumer, Markets and Politics (CCMP) at Zeppelin University, ConPolicy - Institute for Consumer Policy Berlin, and the European University Institute (EUI) Florence. The venue is Stuttgart. The target group are practitioners from consumer policy and consumer associations as well as researchers in the intersection of a and consumer policy. At the consumer research forum, the organizers want to:

  1. discuss the use of “legal tech” in the enforcement of individual and collective rights;
  2. present and discuss concrete practical experience with class action;
  3. discuss the potential and pitfalls of legal tech in consumer policy.

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Prof. Dr. Lucia A. Reisch

Forschungszentrum Verbraucher, Markt und Politik | CCMP

+49 7541 6009 1364