The conference with high-level representatives from politics and science will focus on leveraging the basic principle of European solidarity to ensure the best-possible cancer care and research throughout Europe. Using concrete examples of already existing international partnership projects as a starting point, the conference aims to provide significant impetus for the planned development and implementation of central EU initiatives, including in particular the European Cancer Plan and the creation of a European Health Data Space. In this context, twinning projects to set up Comprehensive Cancer Centres and to establish regional networks of quality-assured oncology institutes will be presented. The international INFORM registry trial, an initiative in the area of precision medicine for children with cancer, will serve as an example to illustrate the added value of the exchange of standardised health data on a European scale.

Organiser: Federal Ministry of Health

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Event location

German Cancer Research Center Im Neuenheimer Feld 280 69120 Heidelberg


Dr. Anja Braun

+49 6221 42-2163