Europe must continue to work together over the coming months to overcome this crisis and achieve full recovery. Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union will work to ensure that these actions lay the foundation for a European Union that emerges stronger from the crisis.

Beating the virus

Halting the spread of the coronavirus now is key to eradicating it in the long-term. Once the spread of the virus is under control, Europe can focus its energies on addressing the many challenges it has left in its wake.

The German Presidency wants to ensure that European solidarity remains the underlying principle in the continent’s crisis response. As such, the German Presidency will contribute to coordinating the following efforts between member states:

  • The continued bundling of resources to provide aid and medical supplies for those most in need
  • The continued cross-border treatment of COVID-19 patients to relieve pressure on member states’ healthcare systems
  • Improved coordination of mechanisms for crisis response and the procurement of medical supplies

A common path forward

The coronavirus pandemic has shown just how intertwined European communities are with one another. Everyday life in Europe therefore requires that member states harmonise their efforts to lift containment measures. Collaborating with European partners, the German Presidency will work towards:

  • Gradually lifting pandemic-related restrictions within the Schengen area according to the epidemiological situation
  • Coordinating a return to normal external border and visa procedures
  • Coordinating step-by-step measures to lift restrictions within the Single Market

The EU must maintain its capacity for political action in difficult conditions. To achieve this, Germany will also work during its Presidency to ensure that the EU is better positioned in the future to coordinate member states’ crisis Responses.