The Agenda should help to adapt consumer protection in the European Union to current digital and ecological challenges, to protect consumers and to better enforce existing consumer laws, and to promote sustainable consumption.

Consumer expenditure accounts for 54 % of the EU’s GDP. Consumer confidence in a strong European Single Market, one that promotes the free movement of goods and services across national borders, is thus important in overcoming the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are some tangible effects of European consumer protection legislation?

  • Elimination of roaming charges in the EU
  • The right to delivery within a reasonable time when purchasing online
  • The right to a two-year guarantee when buying a new product online or offline
  • RAPEX -rapid alert system, which identifies and removes dangerous products from the market
  • Reforming the rules on privacy and data protection
  • Improving the rights of energy consumers and passengers
  • The right to open a current account in all member states without much effort
  • Cross-border consumer advice